I went into Fred Meyers today to pick up a couple of things and while I was in there I ran into one of our friends who works there and Lynn got me thinking about this new set of blogs that I’m going to do on this site.  First most of the employees there (Fred Meyers) has been there at least one year and some of them more time on the job.  Lynn is one of these employees anyway I noticed today that under his name is “Play Outdoors”  I asked him about it and he smile and told me that all of the employees got to pick some kind of statement to place under their names and so I asked him what his meant he pointed to the front glass doors and said “who would not want to be outside in this beautiful city that we live in.”  We can go skiing, swimming, hiking, camping and bicycling.  That is when I realized he was right we live in Shelton which is a small city but for it being small we really have a lot of things we can do both inside and outside.

Here in Shelton we have a lot of lakes approximately 286, we live close enough to the mountains that we can go hiking the trails, camping during the summer, and any other activity you can think of.  I understand not to far from Shelton there is a place at Lost Lake where you can rent a cabin and if you have a large group you still have plenty of room in the yard to pitch a tent and sleep people outside too but I’m not sure if I would do that in the winter but the summer would be fun to sleep outdoors in the tent and look at all the stars that you can’t see in the city because of the lights.

I hope you can see parts of my new home and love it has much as I do.  I’m not sure if I will ever move somewhere else but I will probably still go back to visit but not to stay because I have found a new place to hang my hat and it is really beautiful and it is turning out to be a very special spot for me as well.

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