I got up this morning trying to decide on what to write my blog about when I sit down at the computer that belongs to my daughter this is the picture I saw and then I knew. My new home is Washington and my city has mountains all round it so this is not quite the sight I see most days but I don’t have to go far to see something like this.
Now this road looks like it is a new paved one or it is barely traveled. I like to think it is less traveled because that means we have a new road to explore to find out where it goes.
They said that there is the road less traveledchasing_blue_skies, the road not taken, or I suppose the best one of all is the road around the bend. I personally haven’t used that one but it is one I have heard my Grandma use when she described something she didn’t like. But even knowing that the road above looks like the road less traveled.
It’s late November here so the mountains have snow caps and the higher one gets the deeper the snow will be. This time of year the weather is either raining or just plain cold so I guess I will take what I can and know that which ever I take it will be a road going somewhere.


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