I have been making New Year’s Resolutions for as far back as I can remember and this is the first time that I can ever think of that I have started thinking about them in December instead of waiting until January. I don’t know if it is because I have less to worry over or if it just seems to come up sooner but whatever the reason I seem to be getting a jump start on resolutions. I have done fairly well in the past about keeping them on occasion I have not got them all completed but for the most part I have done well.
I always strive to be a better person to my fellow man or woman. I worry about that one because only my peers know if I have done a good job on that one and so far no one has said any different so I’m not sure. (I have no complaints in that area at least) This year I want to do better on my book and actually get it done plus get it published. I would always like to take all my pictures put them together and see if I have enough for a book if not get what I need to have the book complete. Last but not least I want my daughter Misty and I to get along better and coexist together without a lot of fuss because it would better on both of us if that happened. I know it will be a lot better when we have a bigger space then what we have at the moment which is a fifth wheel which belongs to my other daughter and son-in-law which is very small and confining but at least we’re out of the cold and we can cook in it also. No complaints for that right.
I’m thinking the best resolution for me is going to be to try to be less stressed in my life and enjoy life a little better by stopping to smell the roses more often. Life is too short not to slow down every now and then to see what you might have missed along the way.
Here is my draft of resolutions for 2015 I’m sure I will be editing it before it is completed.


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