I ran into a very old friend on Facebook the other day and we talked on chat for hours it seemed we caught up on each others lives. I found out we were both had lost our spouses and that we both wondered if we would ever get over the loss of it. We both had lived other places but had come home to our roots then left again only to return again. It is strange how our life’s parallel on the same plain. It seemed that we had a lot in common besides that too we both we’re in the military one in the Navy the other in the marines. They say life is stranger than fiction but this is really weird somehow.
We lost touch after I left high school I didn’t even really run into this person until a whole group of us who grew up together in a place in West Texas got a page on Facebook and that was about 32 years or so after the fact. I have met a whole bunch of old friends like this we lived in the same place and either went to school in Monahans or Wink those were the options when I was there. I also got to see my best friend while I was there on Facebook we hadn’t seen each other since high school either I suppose we all change I know that I have but I still have my moments when a part of me reminds me of that happy go lucky girl who could play sports with the best of the best of them. Who could also laugh freely and with glee then sometimes I wonder what happen to that girl who even her senior year still worn her hair in pigtails.
Life is still interesting and amazing in the fact that God still makes the mountains and you know that on the peaks there will be snow as early as late September but you still enjoy looking at them. Or the clouds which lay right on the top of those same mountains. It is also amazing that you can fly between the mountains in a sea plane and land on the clear looking glass of the lake below without even breaking a sweat. God is the maker of all sort of nature or should I say he is the artist who paints what he wants then we in turn put it on our own paper or see it through our lens of the camera.
I hope you have touch base with an old friend or two and you have connected on some level which you feel that life is still interesting and amazing place to be. I have had to deal the last few years with a lot of death and I feel I’m finally coming out on the other side and I know that life is worth the work it takes to do the time on earth. Until the next time goodnight and have a great weekend my friends and all my new readers.

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