I am often asked why I write blogs most of the time I don’t have an answer other than cause I love it. Well now I have a good answer or two. First I write because it relaxes me and second I do it because it helps me sometimes get rid of my mad, anger or because I’m upset about something. I have been writing almost anything since I was eight years old. I have had a journal for as long as I can remember. I have always wrote things down I’m not one for confirmations because they raise my blood pressure which isn’t healthy for me or anyone. LOL
I like to write story about pictures I see and put myself in those pictures to see what type of story I can come up with. I have a picture of a long dock going toward the lake and there is a man sitting in one chair the other chair is empty and the title of the picture is “Without you” I haven’t written a story yet because it is a little too close to home but I will when I believe I can handle the story a lot better and you my fans and readers will be the first to read it.
I think another reason I write is for peace of mind. It is an individual sport and I can do it alone and if it gets messed up there is only me too blame. This is why I write blogs for myself but others to enjoy too.

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