To most of you JJ (John Jungensen) was a cool guy and he was that but to me he was my best- friend for 47 years. He was there in good times and bad times and both his part and mine. When I had an argument with my hubby or anyone he was there to listen not necessary to give advice but just to listen he was a great listener and a great friend he will truly be missed. I know that this past eight months was hard on him because I wasn’t there to listen as much as I was before when I lived so close and I regret not being there when he needed but he knew I needed to get away from all the memories from Carl, Mom, and a few others who haunted me all the time. I was just getting my life back to where I could come and visit and maybe it would hurt so badly and I got another kick in the heart before I could even take the trip. I get told that JJ is gone and no one knows why.
When I talked with his Mom this morning I still didn’t learn much except that he was with the Chief Medical Examiner Pathology in Ft Worth where they send unattended deaths so that they can make sure there is no foul play with the death. I feel bad for her because in 2007 she buried her baby James then a couple years ago Judy had a stroke and now she can’t speak. Now she will have to bury her oldest son. She was told this morning by my daughter Misty said “parents are not supposed to bury their children because their children are supposed to outlive us.” It is so sad really, she has Judy still and Carla but both her boys are gone now. It is so hard on all of us who loved him, you can’t imagine what it feels like to her?
I wonder what was happening inside the brain of JJ’s; what he was thinking, you know what I mean? I wonder if he was afraid of what was happening to him or why it was happening or even where he was.
I know most of you don’t understand why I’m writing this blog and talking about JJ like this but I’m truly going to miss him. I know that this old world is never going to be the same without him in it. He was my friend and he will always be my friend. There is a song by Chris Cagle that reminds me so much of JJ, not so much about the girl but about the sentiment it is called “Anywhere But Here.”
I will close this by telling JJ, that he was a great likable guy. Who during his time on earth had a lot of people who loved, liked and respected him? He will be missed so very much by all who knew him. We pray that he is with James, Pops and all the friends and family who as gone on before him and that he is looking down on us and smiling. I hope that when he meets up with all those friends and family he throws one heck of party that only he can give.
Thank you for listening to a crazy depressed old lady give tribute to a great friend who will be missed forever. RIP John “JJ”, James and Pops Jurgensen, We love you. (as per asked by Misty)

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