As I take this road to a different place I find that it is someplace familiar like I have been here before but I’m not exactly sure when.  Everything has a beginning, end and a middle.  So this is the beginning of my journey.  Kind of like a trip to the wide blue yonder but staying on the ground.  Interesting theory if it really works.  There are so many roads to choose from and so many different ways to travel that a person/or me have a lot of options.  I want to take the road which is best for me but yet I want to have a little adventure at the same time.  So let’s begin to see where it takes us and how long it will last.

First I believe you have to have a place you’re thinking about going or how long you want it to take to get there.  After you have that figured out that will be half the battle.  Of course you will need money for gas, vehicle, and most important is a map after the money which is not only important it is also necessary.

Now that you have your plan you will need to put it into action and find out the most direct way to travel, weather and all your ducks in a roll to get on the road safely.  Make sure you know how many hours a day you will be wanting to drive and make arrangements for lodging along the way so that you can get a good night’s sleep.  Then back on the road the next day till you have reached your final destination.

Now on to the familiar if you have been there at least once and know the city good then you are more than familiar with the area.  If you have spend sometime there like two to five years than you are so familiar with the area that you know the best time to go to the best attractions and you know to avoid the beaches from March 3 through April 15 because of spring break then after that time until right before the third week in October.  If you have to go there then stay off of front beach road. LOL

Okay have you guess yet where you’re at yet or going to.  Probably the state but not the city yet because I haven’t given you enough clues yet right.  Some of those many attractions are: Pier Park, Putt Putt Golf as well as 18 holes of regular golf, swimming, biking, skiing, boating, a dinner cruise and many many more.

As you all try to figure out the city I will be dropping more clues along the way to see if you can tell where I’m at.  You guys enjoy my adventure right along side of me and we will all have a great time.

Before I sign off I wish to thank a very special friend who let me get my ideal from one of her photos.  Emily Gooch.  Emily’s pictures tell their own story or you tell yours and so I have told mine. I hope I have done your wonderful photo the justice it so deserves.  Thank you Emily for letting me tell my story through your photo.  Kat

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