As most of you know who read my other site on here I’m back in my hometown and living with my next to my youngest brother again.  I’m in my old room which I shared with my husband Carl at first I thought it might be bad but it hasn’t been at all.  My brother Mark has made it good and that has made the transition better than I could have hope for.  I have been busy working on my book and doing a lot of reading but I still haven’t done a lot of anything else other than talk with different people on the internet and try to live my life one day at a time.

I have learned a few things this time around being at home.  I guess the first thing and probably the most important thing is to get settled in ones life and everything else falls into place as it should be.  Second if you live everyday like it was your last then you know that you’re doing something right with it.  Life is what you make it and if you want something good to come out of it than you’re going to have to work on it in order for it to be something special.  If you want people to like you than you’re going to have to like yourself first.

I don’t know where the wisdom as come from maybe it has always been here or maybe it was buried so deep that it took a lost to find it but I’m really happy that God has help me find it and that I believe that my life is important and you are important to me as well.  Hang in there my friends and I will be writing more often again like I was before.  I love you all very much.  Thanks for reading my blogs and keeping up with them.

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