What is right and what’s not?

I’m been thinking a lot lately about what I’m eating and why I might be eating it.  I have a few friends who are Vegan and they are happy with that aspect of what the eat.  But mean I’m very careful about the amount of red meat I put into my body but I haven’t quite given up on the notion of mean yet.  Yes I believe in animal rights and what might cruel and unusual punishment toward those same animals I still haven’t given up the thought of not eating those same animals yet.  I don’t know if my thinking stems from me growing up on a farm or not but it could be.

I was raised that everything on the farm was raised either to sale or eat or both.  Now every now and then I do love my burgers, chicken fried steaks but that is pretty much it for that kind of food.  Of course when I make my spaghetti sauce I always like to add meat to it whether it be polish sausage or hamburger meat or both it is just to give that sauce a little more flavor.

I want to visit my wonderful friends Susie, Don and their son Roy but I believe they are all Vegan would I upset them if I didn’t eat what they had or would it hurt my feelings if the situation was reversed and I cooked for them and they didn’t eat what I cooked?  I would never go out of my way to hurt someone I cared about but I’m at a lost for words cause I’m not sure what is proper in a a situation like this.  This hasn’t happened yet and I don’t want it to happen some things are more important than eating and this friendship to me is a heck of lot more important than what I might or might not eat.

I’m old and I know that I learn something new every day I just hope I have learned enough in this matter.


6 thoughts on “What is right and what’s not?

  1. Sorry I missed this earlier. We believe in live and let live. Obviously, we don’t think people should eat animals, but it is an evolution everyone makes. The first step is awareness and sensitivity, and you’re such an empathetic and kind soul it sounds like you were already on your way. I think we would all get along just fine, and maybe we should all just eat in separate rooms! LOL

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  2. so easy NOT to eat animals…they are as important as we are…and have a right to live. roy is more diplomatic than I am…I only wish farms would disappear off the face of the earth? and thus all slaughterhouses. I crossed over did I not? once over into the domain we belong in, the world looks very different.

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