Sometimes having a crappy day helps us appreciate all the great days which we have.  I certainly understand after today from the moment I got up this morning and until now I have had one of those days that I couldn’t do anything right so tomorrow I’m really praying for my sake and everyone who has contact with me that I will have a better day tomorrow.

I don’t have them (bad) days very often but when I do as you can see they seem to last all day long.  But like I say it makes me really appreciate all the good days that I have throughout the year.  I have no reason why it comes about and of course I’m human so I know that we all have bad days and that they do last sometimes all day but then if you lucky they only last a couple of hours.

I am praying that God will not let me have another bad day tomorrow because he wouldn’t do that because we are always told that he only gives what we can handle in any given time well I can guarantee you that my shoulders can’t hold up anymore.

Thank you so much for listening to me tonight and God bless each and everyone of you.   I love you all.

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