NH Seacoast 15 Rye NH
New Hampshire in Winter time                         Rye,NH on a fun filled sunny afternoon
Let’s take a look into the cool state of New Hampshire and see what we can see and where if we were going to plan a trip whether it be a long trip or just a short day trip and to what region we might want to go. First we need to know about the regions.
There are seven regions in the state of New Hampshire each of these regions are very different but they are beautiful in their own right. Those regions are as follows: seacoast, White Mountains, Monadnock region, Merrimack Valley, Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee, Great North Woods and last but not least the Lake regions. Now the reason I choice to start with the seacoast is because I love the ocean, beaches, surf, sand and of course lighthouses. I thought I would go with the seacoast so I can get bang for my dollar more or less.
It is gorgeous around this region with all the water, sand and surf. I have always liked the area around Portsmouth. One of my favorite lighthouse sit in Portsmouth. TheI-95 runs north and south along the eastern coastline. Towns and cities running along that area in the seacoast region are as follows: Portsmouth, Rye, Rye beach, Hampton, Hampton Beach, and Seabrook.
There are a lot of things one can do when one stays in this area, go on short walks, day walks, trail walks and beach walks. There are several wonderful places to shop until your heart is content. Even better places to sleep if you want to go for a one night stay or a weekly stay there are some B & B’s everywhere in the general area. I don’t want to drag this region to far because we have six more to visit so I will close for now however there is more to learn about seacoast so if you would love to revisit we will. Until then I’m leaving you a picture of a place you might enjoy visit on the I-95 coastal highway.


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