United Methodist Church
United Methodist Church
America Stonehenge-Merrimack Valley region NH

This will be our next stop on visiting New Hampshire because I know a little bit about this area not a lot but more than other places in New Hampshire area. I think of this area as the most beautiful not only because it has all those unique colors when the leaves start to turn getting ready for autumn but because this region has a lot going for it.  Here you can do stuff all four seasons without much trouble and it blends from one season to the next with little or no trouble.  I have always loved the Manchester area of the state and my hubby Carl lived there for a while and enjoyed all aspects of living in New Hampshire.  He like me are history nuts and this region is slammed deep into history of all kinds that dates back to when this nation was a baby.

Manchester is often mistaken for the capital of New Hampshire but it is not Concord has that very important title and she wears it well like a Queen at coronation with everyone present and accounted for.

We here in America have our own version of Stonehenge it is localled in Salem, NH and it has a lot of mysterious rocks ducted away in a wooded area setting and you can go camping, hiking or anything else within reason till your hearts content or until daylight comes around again.

Of course there are other cities to name here but then I would be spending all my time on one region and not getting to the next interesting region which will be another surprise for you because I’m not sure which way to go next.  When you read the next one you will know and when I sit down to write I will know.  Happy Reading my friends.

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