Lake near Dublin, NH
Lake near Dublin, NH

Monadnock Region has been inspiring to both artists and writers alike.  Some of those writers who have visited Monadnock Region are Emerson and Thoreau, they enjoyed the restoration and the revamping of the juices. They probably would recommend it to other writers to do the same if they had a chance to do so.  I’m sure the best way to restore one’s mind is to just take a day with yourself or spouse soak up the sun by taking a walk in the woods, along a serene lake and just regroup in some awesome nature.

Another region full of history as well as lots of nature.  Did you know that Dublin, NH is the home to the Old Farmer’s Almanac if you aren’t into the farming stuff then I have the next best thing.  Down the road as the crow flies Hancock is full of history and that history is very famous too.  Paul Revere famous for the ride in Boston 1by land two by sea and he rang his bell well that bell is in Hancock on Main Street it’s place of importance is in the bell tower where it tolls on the hour at the meetinghouse.

If you decide you want to go visit say a small town with a big College-Town vibe then Keene is the place to check out.  There are things to do here year round winter, spring, summer and autumn.

If you love to cook or you know someone who does Keene has this Kitchen Store that has everything you can image and even things you don’t know what they are.

I suppose we have finished our time here but this region it would be fun to find other things I missed and learn a few more things.

Monadnock region house on the pond
Monadnock region house on the pond

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