People ask me all the time about what I miss most about Carl being gone and I ask you mean besides making love?  LOL I think what I miss most is the pillow talk at night after the house settle down and gets quiet.  You talk about your day and the little things that happened that are funny or strange.  What the kids did at school and got home and wanted to share with us.  Things are going on that need to be discussed to decide what to do about them.

When I first went to Washington and was getting settled in I realized there was so many things I wanted to share with him and I couldn’t because he was no longer with me even though I feel him in my heart.  I wanted to tell him that I understood what he meant when he told me things about places I hadn’t been to or I haven’t seen in a while but most importantly I wanted to share a few places with him I knew he would enjoy like me or more.

I have been think about writing something down that would help others deal with their alone feeling that all individuals feel when they lose someone.  That wish to share or a feeling that something is missing from their lives but not quite sure what that something is.  It has taken me three long years to figure out it is the sharing after we go to bed and before we sleep when we talk about our day, we tell each other what has happened during the time apart and even missing each other.

For most of you this will be hard to read because you might think I’m sharing too much. While others might think there she goes again sharing personal stuff that you all feel I shouldn’t. I’m hoping you all will understand I’m doing this for me but also for others in hope that it might help them through a tough spot.

It doesn’t matter whether you have lived with your true love for fifty years and lost them or met them one day married them the next day and lived with them for a month.  You have still lost your love and you are lost without them.  You are at a point where you might need some help even it is to read this blog and maybe have a little laugh or add some levity to the situation for a second or two.

I’m very thankful to all my friends, family and followers who read my blogs and leave comments to let me know how I’m doing or not doing.  I like to say it keeps me sane but I’m not sure I was ever sane or normal thank goodness.  (LOL)

This blog is dedicated to everyone who has ever lost a love one and truly had a hard time going on without a little help from friends, family, or even the help of a stranger


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