Faith is important to each of us in it’s own way. This isn’t a blog about religious origination, This is a blog about how my faith as got me out of a lot of hard places in feelings and in life. I have lost a lot of people in the last few years and I’m so glad that my faith as been there to pick up the pieces or I too would be gone. Not because I had died like the people I had lost but because I would have went into the funny farm and they would have thrown the keys away. Now you might think that is a little bit melodramatic but it’s really the way I feel.

When my husband Carl passed away of lung cancer due to mesothelioma I was lost even though I knew it was coming it was still hard to lose him. When our best friend died it was really hard for me cause I had no knowledge at all. I had know him for 49 years which is a long time and I was shocked to say the least. When HP died I thought I was over anykind of shock that guy could give me but I was so very wrong. Before I went to Washington HP had a very bad truck accident and totaled his chevy p/u after rolling it 125 times. The hospital staff and doctors told us he would be lucky if he regained consiousness but he did at the time he had 5 brain injuries, 2 broken legs, several broken ribs and a broken arm but he lived he was a marine that is what he told me and Marines are tough. He was in the hospital from April- August. He had a heart attack in December 2014 and didn’t recover. My faith got me through all that. I have lost more friends and family then I can count but I know that I must hang on for all the rest of my family.

I know that God is testing me to see how much I can handle and to what point I might break but I’m prayer dear Lord will you please give me a break for a little while at the begining of 2016 because I am at the last little string of my faith and I’m so afraid that it might break and then where will I be. I know that you will be there to catch me but I’m not ready to test that theory yet. Thank you Lord in this I pray!! AMEN.

Let’s get through this new year without a lot of scary strain or stress on our bodies or mind. May we all have a good new years day and at least a month or two of nothing going wrong before we start having to kick some depression bottom in. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!!!


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