Wow it’s here and if you partied then you made it through the night and woke up with a hangover or if you were smart you took a couple of aspirins before you dropped off to sleep.  Not me this year or even the last 5 new years I have stay at home with a sick husband then after I lost him I hid within myself because I didn’t feel it was right for me to have that life to go out see friends and have a good time when Carl wasn’t there with me.  Now after him being gone 3 years I have decided that he doesn’t care if I’m having a good time or that I’m not sitting at home by myself.  It has taken all this time to realize he wouldn’t want be to do this.  So this year my only resolution is to try and get out of the house and do a few things, visit friends, go to the library and try to find myself that I was before Carl passed away.  Wish me luck cause I think I’m going to need it.  Now this wasn’t what my blog started out to be so I’m sorry I got off track.

This new year I wish for you to have a wonderful year full of happiness, understanding and family.  Don’t take your family for granted cause you never know when you might now have them anymore.  To all of you out there in cyberspace God bless you every day cause without you I just might go loopy.  I read your blogs and they make me smile, see your pictures for those of you who take pictures for your blogs and think wow what a cool place to visit and then there are those of you who just are characters in yourself and just love to make people laugh.  THANK YOU EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!!!!

God knows there are days that it is a bad day all around but all of you make it bearable thank you again and GOD BLESS!!



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