Well this has already started out to be not such a good new year.  You all have read when I talk about my cat Sox who was named after the Boston Red Soxs of course.   Well I no longer have her through no fault of my own or hers.  Whose fault it is no longer matters just know that I don’t have her anymore.  My daughter Jenny wanted to go down and pick up her since I got her originally from her at 5 weeks after she was no longer nursing her Mom.  Jenny still has her Mom and Dad so it would be a family reunion.  We was told that she could adopt her but it could cost up to $80.00 which is highway robbery since she is fixed and has her shots up to date.

Four days ago my best friend JJ has been gone for one year.  I miss having him around and being able to talk with him like I have since I was twelve years old.   My cousin Henry  has also been gone for a year too and I miss his smiling face and his crazy, corky personality.  It hard to believe that I have so many people gone and now my precious little kitty that I have raised since she was a baby is no longer with me but she hasn’t died I’m just not allow to see her because of issues beyond our control.

If you love something or someone treat it right because you never know when you just might lose it.  I love you Soxy and I wish you the best.





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