Hope it is something that we are all born with but somewhere along the way some of us lose it.  Why you ask?  I think I lost my because of so many things happening at once and no way to recover but something else happens.  Others I can’t answer that only they can.  For a while I even lost my faith because I thought God had abandoned me then I realized that he had abandoned me it was I that had done the abandoning because he was still here I could hear him telling me not to give up that things would get better.   Now I realize that I do I have my faith but my hope is still a little shaky but it too is getting better every day so thanks to all of you who has been hanging in with me.  I know that you can’t always tell that I’m not having a good day or a good month but I do really appreciate the kind words or the goofy little faces you give me on your post on Facebook.

Hope and faith are two of the biggest emotions we can have and we we lose them sometimes they are hard to get back so it is great to have friends who realize that there is something wrong even when they aren’t sure.  God bless you all.  I love you all.

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