This morning while drinking a cup of coffee I was reading one of my friends reviews that he does quite regularly and I realized that though we had never met I had know him a number of years and considered myself lucky to know him.  Maybe not in the traditional way of getting to know him but because of no face to face but through cyberspace.  I first met his Mom Susie through her column she has on Goodreads and found her to be a thoughtful and very direct individual who when I finally grew up I wanted to be just like her.  I found we had a lot of things in common from growing up in a small town to reading some of the same books and have the same opinions on animal rights.  Not I have not quite made it to being a vegan but then again I was raised on a dairy farm so I find that a little harder to come to grips with.  It still doesn’t stop me from believing that animals are here on earth not only to share the planet with us but to be treated with the up most of respect and understanding also.

I asked my friend Roy this morning about Star Wars if he had seen it and that is when his reply was not only had he seen it he had seen it twice so far.  So he sent me to his review which is really what start me thinking about us getting lucky sometimes.  I have friends who I have know for years maybe even when to school with some of them and I know that are my friends we talk on the phone, send letters or emails, but I don’t feel like I’m as close to them as I feel with Roy and Susie.  Why you ask?  I’m not sure if it is because so long we were apart and we drifted in different directions or if we quit having things in common anymore.  But I feel blessed to have both Roy and Susie in my life and know if I need a shoulder all I have to do is leave a message and they will get back to me.  I hope they can do the same to me also.   I have other friends I feel this connect too also whom I have only met here in cyberspace but I don’t feel it necessary to list all your names because you know who you are and you know that your in my heart.

There are a few out there in cyberspace whom I have met first on the internet then I have met in person you guys are very special to me and don’t you forget it.  I love each and everyone of you equally and I am so very honored that you are my friend and feel the same about me.  Like I said sometimes we get LUCKY!!!!!gold horseshoeluck of the Irishluckyopportunity

7 thoughts on “SOMETIMES WE GET LUCKY!!!

    1. Thank you Susie on receiving of the Christmas card it was really nothing. You are the one when I finally grow up I want to be like. I feel like I’m already have the smarts but I want the all round person to go with it. Thank you for being there it with me in the touch and the good times I don’t know what I would have done without you. ❤ Kat

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