I suppose we all have been there at one time or another when we feel that living in the past is some how better.  Not because the past is more exciting but maybe cause you miss someone in the past now that they are gone.

Don’t worry if you want to live in the past for moments in time cause that’s not really living there.  It is when you go to bed and stay for days without coming out of your bedroom or taking a shower or even answering you phone that people start to worry about you living in the past to much.  Don’t worry I’m not living there but I have so I can tell you what it’s like.  I know the signs and things to look for but since I’m not living there now it is easy to see when someone else.

Living in the past hurts but it heals at the same time but its not always good to live there because when you live there life passes you by.  So be good and stay in the present and live because then no one worries as much about you that way.  LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!!!!!

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