Well I arrived in Panama City on Thursday instead of Wednesday and from the very beginning the trip was bad.  It was almost 5 hours late arriving in Dallas which caused me to miss my connecting bus to Houston which left at 9:15 PM and the connecting bus in Houston leaving going to Baton Rouge which was leaving at 11:40 PM so you see I lost my connect all the way around.  To top that off I didn’t leave Houston going back up toward Shreveport until 4AM but if I hadn’t got on that bus I would have been stuck in Houston until 6:35PM that night which was the day I was suppose to arrive in Panama City.

To make matters worse I got my wallet stolen at the bus in Panama City after I got off the bus to collect my luggage right under my nose more of less and that was the lest of my worries then I had to come home and cancel everything the next day and order new stuff which is basically a pain in the bottom end.  Other than all the delays and my wallet being stolen it was a good trip and I did get to Panama City safe and sound.

I met a lot of interesting people and it was nice overall to know that people who ride the bus are nice and care about each other and help people who are on canes, walkers and wheelchairs get things for them and help them with the luggage when they are changes buses.

Thanks again for listen to this old lady rambling on about a bad trip oh one other thing I forgot to say was that they stations lost my luggage 3 different times.  Last time was in Mobile I was on the bus and they took my stuff off the bus and put it on a different bus making it arrive the next day in Panama City.

2 thoughts on “HOME AND MAN WHAT A TRIP!!

    1. I’m still trying to replace everything. The money won’t be replaced and I’m sick about it and of course the pictures of Carl, Misty and all my kids and grandkids and then some other things but they are only things…what got me is it wasn’t stolen until I got to Panama City waiting for my luggage to be taken off the bus the one they didn’t lose. LOL
      So you know they were local cause it happened right next to the bus by the door going into the bus station.


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