Memorial Day isn’t just giving out country a holiday so that we can get a 4 day weekend out of it.  It is in my family to start with to celebrate the birth of my next to the youngest brother Mark, to celebrate the life that my husband Carl once enjoyed and lived happily until he didn’t.

Memorial Day is a day which we celebrate to thank all of our men and women for dedicating their lives to our country so that we might have all the freedoms which so many of us take for granted.  (or use to)  It is also to recognize the soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice their lives.

The one thing which a soldier does when he/she joins the branch of service is let his/her family know what he wants to do so by doing that even though it is he/she who walks the walk alone they are really there always every step so when a soldier dies in war then a part of the family has died also.  It is always on the person who is away from home maybe for the first time in their life but it is hard for their family to let go and let them go in harms way and do those things which could cause hurt or even death.  But the soldier suffers in the open while the family at home must put on a brave front and not have their soldier worry unnecessarily so life is hard for both of them to cope but they the family such be honored as well if for nothing else than for always being there no matter what and knowing that their person is a hero to everyone else as well as to the family of the soldier.

Thank you all have a wonderful holiday, Kiss your military person and give them a big hug if you’re able and if not hug a soldier’s family who has lost their own soldier this holiday weekend.  Please have a safe holiday and remember God bless our MILITARY AND BE AMERICAN PROUD!!!!!!!!!



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