Have you ever seriously wondered if someone came out and told you that their hometown was the best place in the world if they were really telling the truth or just pulling your leg.  Well I have a little story that I have often wondered about myself but because I have never been to this place I have no idea if it is a made up place or if it is as real as my own hometown.  But whether it is really or imaginary for the sake of here and now it is really just a story on this page.

The story takes place in a small town in Maine that the weather isn’t to bad in the summer or spring however when the leaves start turning colors and falling off the trees if you have somewhere better to be you best high tail it for warmer places because once the snow starts falling you won’t be leaving till springtime.  I have heard stories that it is so cold there that the town was losing lots of their local residents to frostbite until the powers that be went and did something about it.  They went and hired a local sheriff to control the inside of town so that the locals would quit leaving the local tavern drunk and fall asleep causing themselves to get cold then lose a limb.

I guess it would be nice to know a little about this town that we are all learning about first it is near a large lake.  It has several places to eat and one take out place, dry cleaners, a tavern, a bed and breakfast a school for the kiddos, a general store, jail, hospital if you can call it that, more like a clinic but best of all we have a dock to sit on and watch boats go by in the summer and we can sit on during the day to watch the water freeze. ( if you’re into that type of thing which I am.)

Now a little about the politics of the town we don’t have to make fun of  it but it is quite unusual in a weird way.  The town mayor is our town busybody but that is who you want for the town mayor because then she would know everything that is going on before it really happens more or less right?  The town sheriff  was at one time the biggest troublemaker who better to catch a problem then one who used to be a big pain in the bottom I always say.  The town drunk who quit drinking now runs the local tavern and keeps people from driving their cars into the lake and makes sure they get home safe sound and in one piece.  I would say that our town is getting to be quite interesting and it makes me want to go build a cabin there to sit a while and live a semi normal life.

Now if I was a betting kind of person I would say that the frostbite has stopped because the town drunk stopped drinking then started serving the drinks he was drinking, the town troublemaker became the sheriff and the busybody become mayor and the town’s citizens decided if you couldn’t beat them why not join them.  LOL  It seems that the country surrounding the town is beautiful but wild and we have lots of surrounding towns but none of them have their own police department or sheriff department most are controlled by the state police because they are so small.  We even have a post office.  We have a population of one hundred and ninety people during the winter months but starting in the spring throughout the whole summer we are packed with visitors from all over.


The story is by no means over please come back to catch more updates to see what is happening or what will happen…..






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