We let off last time we were getting to know the town and it’s politics of what  was what and who was who.  Let’s talk a little about it’s citizens:  The sheriff is a local who grew up there, went to school, went off to college, played a little ball, went to the military came back home and stayed and finally became sheriff why you asked because he was good for the town and he wanted to help the citizens of the town plus he didn’t want to see anyone else get hurt or killed by driving into the lake which had happened in the past.  The town drunk same type of thing except he has never left and not likely to ever leave even when he finally meets his maker.  The Mayor or the town busybody she is a lot more dangerous than the drunk or the sheriff because all her life she has been the town gossip she has lied, shared different things knowing that she was looking good but she wasn’t helping anyone but herself.  Now it is a lot more treater because she is the Mayor, to many people know about the way she acted in the past she claims she has changed but for her sake I hope she has.  All of these people make up the town council which sets laws rules and other such things for the community has a whole.

There are lots of things to do at the town that other towns don’t or can’t do because they don’t have the same size of the lake or they aren’t sure how to use what they have.  But since our town as been around it has been a busy place I mean even in the winter we have visitors who come to ski in the mountains and stay just to enjoy our views and just to be in the quiet of nature even if it is so cold that people end up with frostbite I think it is part of the draw to this area of Maine.

Stay tune more to follow…..

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