When we left last time we decided that the town as a whole had 4 major players plus Sam that could affect their lives to the point of good or bad.  Out of those 5 individuals one is the busybody and one is not on the town council so it is really 3 people + Sam that holds the faith of the busybody in their hands.  Whatever they decide they want done or not done must be a decision that they all agree or disagree on 100%.  I know it isn’t right to plot the fate of an individual but what if that person had your life in their hands and in a moment could destroy everything you have ever worked for, build your life and changed it for the better because of something you did in your past but have spend a lifetime trying to change.  The problem about fixing a problem sometimes when you do then you have a bigger one.  Then who is at fault then you because you went along with it or them because now they know your secrets you were trying to keep hidden.  Who will be blackmailing whom next.

The problem is sometimes it’s best to leave things alone and deal with the fallout of the issue and come clean with the past no one gets hurt plus no one can be hurt because it’s out in the open which is where it should have been in the beginning.

This was the hometown in Maine near a nice lake with lots of people and things to do all year long.  Come visit again when you have longer to stay and more time to see the sights.




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