Dreaming Dreams Book Is Now Available!

awesome Susie and Roy this is a big pin in your bonnet and I am so happy for both you and the Dearborn Library for all of the copies people are going to buy. Love you both and good luck to the library.

The Big Read Dearborn

Dreaming Dreams Front Cover Final JPEGThank you very much for your patience. The book, Dreaming Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared to Dream Before, is now available! Please spread the word. Here is a flyer to post or share with your friends and family.

In this collection of Poe inspired stories and poems, you will find dreams (and nightmares), ghost stories, horror, madness, mystery, imagination, and even some humor. It is about 450 pages long and has works from over 150 authors.

Paperback copies are $16 each (plus shipping if ordered online). To order copies online, visit www.createspace.com/6317921

  • Click on “Add to Cart”
  • Enter your email address, select “I am a new customer,” and click on “Log In”
  • Set up your account (enter first and last name, choose password) and click “Continue”
  • Select quantity you would like to order and click “Check Out”
  • Enter shipping address, billing information, and review your order

It is also available for…

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