Elvis was a shining star for a lot of years.  All he ever wanted to do was sing but he got famous and then a lot of things happened I don’t know what because I didn’t walk in his shoes but I do know that on a scorcher day in Texas while watching some forgotten TV show we got the news that Elvis Presley 42 years old had died in his home in Memphis of an accidental drug overdose.  It was a terrible day in rock and roll for the “King” was dead.

I have often wondered over the years if he had lived how many more movies could he have made, song he could have done.  But most of all I wonder if his Mom had lived just a little longer if things would have been different for the great idol..of rock and roll.  He did love his Mama the best of all his girls.

I guess in some little way this is my way to give back for all the joy he gave me throughout my youth..he was a wonderful singer and actor I had all his movies, albums, and singles too.  I was a diehard fan and I suppose even after 39 years I still am but I’m not so ELVIS crazy as my Mama would say as I used to be.  Which is just as well I guess since I’m way over the hill to be crazy over a rock and roll star like ELVIS.

I hope where you are Elvis that you that people here haven’t forgotten you.  They still go on tours to your house in Memphis.  Put flowers around your property and on your property for your anniversary of your death and your birthday.  We even sing all your songs at the top of our lungs…I sing in the shower, at my computer even in the car anywhere I can and they are your songs.  When your songs come on the radio I sing along.  LOL  Anyway I thought you should know that you are missed and that as long as I am alive you will be remembered by me.  I am sure others remember you too.




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