This flag is the symbol of American Freedom it represents to our country a way of life that has been going on since our founding fathers got together and wrote the bill of rights, the constitution which gives us all rights which are still available to each and everyone of us.  Those rights include just to name a few freedom of speech, the right to bare arms, right to a peaceful assembly, freedom of religion and that is just to name a few.

Now this football player Kaepernick who plays for the San Francisco 49’s has raised a lot of issues today with him not wanted to stand during the National anthem but has the constitution states he can do that because he has the right to do it because under the freedom of speech act he is protesting what he feels his rights are.

I’m going to agree to this point because it is the right thing to do but I’m going to add one more bit to the deal yes he has this right but if the subject is really about the unfair treatment of other innocent young black men and women and how they are being profiled and killed in some of the major cities across the United States then I have a good subjection that might help the situation even more than not stating at the football games and causing a bigger problem in my eyes is to put your money where your heart is:  start a foundation which will help the victims of these crimes and get the police officers who involved off the street and behind bars so that these issues don’t get happening.  It is not a solution unless someone actual uses it but it is the only one I can come up with.  I am sorry for my outburst on social media but I still feel that part of what was said by me is correct but not all I don’t feel that my opinion in anyway was so strong that I thought I might be thought of as a queen but from a fellow military guy who has been my friend for a long time he thought they were those of a queen.  Don’t worry we are still friends we have know each other and our families to long not to think that.  I was voicing my opinion to another friend and he told me he didn’t think I should change my opinion because of him and when I told him what my friend stated he thought that was out of line.  So we shall see.

I’m a firm believer of the constitution and as such I’m willing to think after reading other opinions on this subject mine might have been a little overboard to the point of maybe being a little harsh but we all have things we believe strongly in and if Kaepernick is really feeling strongly on the subject of police vs young innocent black men and women then maybe this is another solution to the issues at hand.  One that he is a famous person I feel he is protesting in the wrong way on this one issues even though I think he does have the right to protest but he is influencing young minds and I feel in the wrong way.  Second if this solution works then why not give it a try and see if it will solve the police issue of murdering young men and women who are black.

Thank you once again for listening and helping me to see that my opinion isn’t necessary the best one given that we all are born with strong ideas and we all understand how we feel on all issues.  Roy your the best and thanks for the understanding the debate.  It was my pleasure to do the debate again but let’s pick another subject but just as dear to our hearts.




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