Autumn is the season which begins at the end of summer. It begins on 22 of September.  The kids go back to school before the last major holiday before Thanksgiving and Christmas break starts.  That holiday is Labor Day it is usually only given a four day weekend but it is still enough time to go away for a small time getaway type deal.  Autumn to me this is the most beautiful season because it is the beginning of the end.  It has all of those wonderful colors coming to life reds, greens, yellows, even the browns.  Spring is the beginning of life, summer is the living of the season and winter is the death of the season.

Autumn in the south is not quite as pretty unless you are lucky enough to live where God as graced it with lots of trees and temperature which change like the changing seasons of cold to hot and back again like it does say in New England up north.  Where about this time it is still hot but the changing of the leaves have started happening and the cooler nights are starting to cool down those hot temperatures that the north isn’t use to.  But it is these days that I like the best it is called Indian Summer and it usually comes around late September or early October and last about two weeks if the weather holds and no rain comes in.   Up there you can open you windows let the cool breeze blow through the house and listen to the street sounds below watch the wind blow and just enjoy life for at least a short time until something reminds you it’s time to get to work again.  LOL

But autumn in the south especially if you live near the water where there are trees, a dock and a chair autumn-dock-chair-and-lake to sit by the lake and pretend to be reading the book while you are to busy watching all the changes that are going on in front of you.  Autumn is one of the best seasons in all of them maybe because there is so much that goes on in the autumn.  For me from a photographer point of view the contract is so different but yet it stays the same.  The colors are more pretty maybe it’s because they are going away for every how long that winter will last and we won’t see them again until springtime when they start popping up again.  Sometimes I feel like during the long winter we are colored deprived because there isn’t enough color in our lives until spring hits again.  I know that you all have a opinion about what autumn means to you let me know maybe we can talk about a really remarkable autumn you remember from your past or not so distant past.  I love to hear from you.

Autumn is the beginning of the end and as such it has the most to proof so God made it extra special so it could show off what it’s all about and every year even though it does the same thing it does a remarkable job keeping us guessing about what will be happen next.  I am so thankful that the weather is going to start cooling off soon and the tourist will be leaving the beach so that I can go visit it before the snowbirds come and claim it like that do from mid-October to late March or April. (of course that depends on the weather up North) Since I have been here I love the water and I have seen some of the water but it’s the beaches of the gulf and oceans that keep me going and I miss living this close and not seeing it but the traffic is awful down there so I can wait just a little longer.


The pictures and poems are from google image.  So thank you for always having what I need to make my writing better.  Thank all of you who continue to support me by reading and following my blogs even though I have been writing less here lately.  I am trying to fix that 2 blogs in less than 12 hours that is a record at least for me.  Thanks again I love you all.   ❤ ❤ Kat

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