Stay or go it’s all up to you I will not force my love on someone who doesn’t want it.  But I won’t be the problem in your narrow-minded world where there is only black and white .  In my world there are all kinds of colors including black and white, sometimes grey is the color of choice but while I care about what you feel and how you love I will not be the blame of what you don’t feel.

Life is a adventure of ups and downs while most of the time it is up there are times when it is down and out but when it is you must learn to go with the flow to survive it’s hits of pain, confusion and misunderstandings this is all part of being an adult.  We as adults are responsible for ourselves, our lives, and maybe partly at least each other but mainly ourselves.

If you can’t live in my world there is the door please walk through it the same way you walked in when you have decided that all is what it should be again then come back and if the time is right I just might forgive you for breaking my heart yet another time.  While other times you just broke it a little this time not only did you break it you step on it and shattered what was left of it…left it on the floor in a hip of nothing and blood.

Be sure if you come back that you don’t ever walk again cause there will be no forgiveness again so make your decision correctly will you be staying or going, will you be walking out the door for the final time to never reenter it again.


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