My Sister Sharon Kroth was going through some old emails and found this one…she didn’t write it but she could have but she didn’t know how to share it on Facebook now that they don’t have notes anymore so I’m going to share it for her and let everyone enjoy it and she can then share it on her page too. Thank you you all for reading it it really is quite cool.  Kat
Subject: Poem…..(Takes you back)

I remember the cheese of my childhood,

And the bread that we cut with a knife,

When the children helped with the housework,

And the men went to work not the wife.

The cheese never needed a fridge,

And the bread was so crusty and hot,

The children were seldom unhappy

And the wife was content with her lot.

I remember the milk from the bottle,

With the yummy cream on the top,

Our dinner came hot from the oven,

And not from the fridge; in the shop.

The kids were a lot more contented,

They didn’t need money for kicks,

Just a game with their mates in the road,

And sometimes the Saturday flicks.

I remember the shop on the corner,

Where a pen’orth of sweets was sold

Do you think I’m a bit too nostalgic?

Or is it….I’m just getting old?

I remember the ‘loo’ was the lav,

And the boggy man came in the night,

It wasn’t the least bit funny

Going “out back” with no light.

The interesting items we perused,

From the newspapers cut into squares,

And hung on a peg in the loo,

It took little to keep us amused.

The clothes were boiled in the copper,

With plenty of rich foamy suds

But the ironing seemed never ending

As Mum pressed everyone’s ‘duds’.

I remember the slap on my backside,

And the taste of soap if I swore

Anorexia and diets weren’t heard of

And we hadn’t much choice what we wore.

Do you think that bruised our ego?

Or our initiative was destroyed?

We ate what was put on the table

And I think life was better enjoyed.



Abandon House by Alex Markovich

The Abandon House photo is shot by my good friend and fellow photography Alex Markovich who was kind enough to allow me to use his shot in my story which has nothing whatsoever to do with the picture except it gave me the inspiration I needed to write the story I was needing to write.  So thank you so much my friend.

It all begin on a crisp walk in mid-September I happened across this old building I couldn’t see a lot of it because of the grown bushes surrounding the place but I could see that at one time it was loved even cared for.  So became my love affair with a an abandon house.  The very first thing of course was to see how to clear it so I could get to it so I could see more of the condition of it but of course I needed to see if there was any owner or if I could buy it for back taxes or something because now I needed to have it for myself.  Strange you say well why would you think that because I have gone bonkers over a house in goodness knows what shape and more or less hasn’t seen the sun in way too long.

After standing a few more minutes thinking about all the things I needed to do in order to become an owner of this property I sat out for the house I was currently renting and not really enjoying because it had never given me the thrill of seeing the abandoned house after two seconds in sight of it.  I wonder why is that could it be the thrill of owning something or is there something about this house that gives me the bust I needed to start doing something more.

Call the property annex people seems the only living heir to the property I want hasn’t paid his/her taxes in a lot of years and is in retirement center which unless you’re family and/or a lawyer which I am the lawyer not family I won’t be able to see him/her however the catch to that is I need to be his/her lawyer which I’m not so not I need to get in touch with the attorney of record to see what I can do about seeing this person about their property before someone else decide they want to outsmart me and get it for themselves.

The lawyer’s name is Franklin D. Smithfield interesting name to say the least but let’s see if I can get some business done with him.  I made an appointment with the keeper of the keys because believe me when I say I felt like I was requesting a interview with the king she was a hard sell to get an appointment to talk business on the subject of the property.  But I do have an appointment.  For one week will probably be the longest week of my life.  On the day of the appointment of course I had to be in court and the judge of all days for him to decide that lunch could wait for one hour today was the day.  I asked for a fifteen minute recess when the judge glazed down at me to reply “is it that important?” yes your honor I need to call to extend an appointment which was happening during lunch that doesn’t seem to happening now until later.  So I got my recess which I call to tell her I was going to be late and that I was in court but I would get there she was a little short with me but she understood and stated she would tell Mr. Smithfield I was in court and I would be along when the judge let us out.

Finally when everything was said and done I ended up being only three hours late for my appointment I would say that was good on a good day.  LOL  The judge got his way on ended the case I was working on I just hope things go my way on the abandon house.  Mr. Smithfield turned out to be nothing like what I thought he might be including the fact Franklin wasn’t Franklin but Franklynn as in a woman.  Not that I’m such a guy but no wonder the keeper of the keys was so hard pressed about the appointment I kept calling her a him when she wasn’t a him at all.  Now to the matter at hand she said.  You want the property that has been abandoned over near the old mill creek right.  I said yes that is it.  Well she began do you know anything about it.  I told her what I did know and what I did want to know but better yet what I wanted to do with it.  She thought for a moment and then picked up the phone, Marylee I need you to pull the property on Old Mill Creek Road along with the information you have on it’s owner my Grandpop too thanks.  I was stunned when she said Grandpop because I was told no other heirs and here was one sitting in front of me.   After Marylee came in dropped off all paperwork requested she turned her hazel eyes on me and smile a truly remarkable smile asked me why I was looking like I didn’t know what to say.  My reply was are you really the owners granddaughter she said yes I am.  So how did you get the name Franklynn I was name after my Grandpop and I took over his office as a lawyer I never changed anything on the stationary except the spelling of the first name.  I even got his Admin Marylee so you could say I inherited everything but the property isn’t mine yet Grandpop is still alive and kicking he is just having some major issues.  You have explained that you want to restore the house and bring it back do you really mean that or is that just someway to get your hands on the property and build condos out there on that great piece of land.  I looked at her and told her I want the property I want to restore it and then I want to live there forever if I could.

Okay how much are you willing to pay for the said property in the condition the house is in now.  I don’t know was my reply I would really like to see a lot more of it besides the scrubs which are hiding the house.  Once I see and have an builder come out to do an estimate of how much work I’m looking at then I can give you a better understanding of what I want to offer.  How about if I give you an appraisal of what it was worth just about 6 months ago when I went out there to look at it and get a few things square in my head.  Plus this is the guy who did the appraisal if you want to give him a call to see if he can tell you how he came to that conclusion on the price.  Also he is a architect who was was willing to help me put it back the way it once was.  Here is also copies of the blueprints that I will loan you so that you can see something of what is there and what could be there again.

Why are you doing this?  Because I love the old building and I don’t want developers to come in tear it down and put condos up and then ruin the feel of the place.   Well then why don’t you restore it and love it more it is to my way of thinking that you love the property you could do what I might get a chance to do also.  She smiled but I don’t think I will ever love it like you do I believe that my Grandpop would love you to buy the cottage, land do with it what you think is best for it because like us you would NEVER let anyone turn it into condos.  I also believe you would live on the land to help it become in the present what it once was in the past.  Am I not correct she asked me. I looked at her and said you are correct in all your understand.   Thank you but I really would like a landscape guy come out and clear the mess around the house so I can get a good look around, meet with the architect see what he recommends and really get the feel for the property.  If what I’m feeling now I’m still feeling when I’m through I would love to meet your Grandpop even if he doesn’t know that I’m there to get a feel for him too then I will give you the best decision I can and the best price I feel that it is worth.

About a month after everything was said and done the deal was closed everyone was happy, the property was now mine which I will be forever happy that the landscape is cleared, flowers have been planted, window boxes will go onto the outside of the windows, the inside is getting a new lease on life and Franklin and Franklynn are both in heaven as well with how well everything is going.  Franklynn came out to check out the new changes inside of the house with new floors, windows, a modern kitchen, bathrooms and even a new pool will be happening as soon as the inside is finished.  Best of all I have just about got Franklynn talked into having a life with me for which I’m sure her Grandpop is happy for that all on it’s on.

Now the property when I walk past not only grasp me by the heart but I remember my shaky beginning and am very thankful that someone up there was looking out for Franklynn, Franklin, the wonderful property on Old Mill Creek Road and last but not least me.



There is a marina which rents boats, canoes, kayaks, jet skis, and other water stuff a person could use on the water during the summer up into early winter as long as you layer your clothes and of course stay dry.    The guy who runs the place his name is Sam and like the Sheriff as been here all his life but he has never left Maine but he is also the deputy sheriff during the slower season for him.  He doesn’t much like the Mayor because she seems to know more about him than anyone else and he is afraid of what she might say or what she might know he hasn’t always been an upstanding citizen.  In his younger days he was worse than the Sheriff ever thought about being so much so that if the truth be told he could have some troubles on his hands.

So far we have meet Sam the deputy sheriff, Nancy the Mayor (busybody), Ralph the tavern keeper (the reformed town drunk) and Marshall the Sheriff (the troublemaker) now of course we are going to have a lot of people who are important to this town of ours so far we haven’t even found out what the name of it is or the name of the lake but we do know one thing it sure is got some interesting things going for it.   Now what else do you think you could do beside a lake took up approximately 50 miles and 25 miles across or roughly 78,241 acres of water.  Anything you darn well want to I suppose.  It freezes to about 2 to 3 inches thick in the winter so you know when the spring thaw comes it starts to break up it makes a heck of a noise and loud.

There is places to go bike riding, camping, fishing, swimming, hiking, go hiking up in the mountains and lots of trails to explore also.  I am so wishing I lived in this town but at the moment I’m not quite sure where it is at and if it is even anywhere I want to be.

I’m thinking that the individuals who have a lot to say about the welfare of the town and the people in the town are sure worried about one individual a lot more than normal I’m wondering if that individual might have a problem if so what type of issue is she going to be having?  Will it be the type of issue that she will recover from or will it be a fatal one?


More to come soon



We let off last time we were getting to know the town and it’s politics of what  was what and who was who.  Let’s talk a little about it’s citizens:  The sheriff is a local who grew up there, went to school, went off to college, played a little ball, went to the military came back home and stayed and finally became sheriff why you asked because he was good for the town and he wanted to help the citizens of the town plus he didn’t want to see anyone else get hurt or killed by driving into the lake which had happened in the past.  The town drunk same type of thing except he has never left and not likely to ever leave even when he finally meets his maker.  The Mayor or the town busybody she is a lot more dangerous than the drunk or the sheriff because all her life she has been the town gossip she has lied, shared different things knowing that she was looking good but she wasn’t helping anyone but herself.  Now it is a lot more treater because she is the Mayor, to many people know about the way she acted in the past she claims she has changed but for her sake I hope she has.  All of these people make up the town council which sets laws rules and other such things for the community has a whole.

There are lots of things to do at the town that other towns don’t or can’t do because they don’t have the same size of the lake or they aren’t sure how to use what they have.  But since our town as been around it has been a busy place I mean even in the winter we have visitors who come to ski in the mountains and stay just to enjoy our views and just to be in the quiet of nature even if it is so cold that people end up with frostbite I think it is part of the draw to this area of Maine.

Stay tune more to follow…..


A house without books is like a room without windows——Heinrich Mann

I live to read whatever kind of book there is whether it be mystery, romance, who done its and even police stories.  My all time favorites are the mysteries and who done its.  I think I would rather read a book than watch the movie not saying the book is better just that it gives you more details than a movie.  The movie runs for about an hour or hour and half while the book can go into more of what is going on and explain a situation better than the movie has time.

I guess you could say that I have a lot of books at my house that range from hardback to paperback and a whole lot of second hand books too.  If someone was to build me enough bookshelves to hold all my books I would need all of the walls in my room from floor to ceiling bookshelves and then I still might not have enough room for them.  Anyone who knows me knows this is a true fact.   I just love to read.

When I was a kid and I was at my grandparents dairy farm if they couldn’t find me they would look in the window seat in the living room where my grandpa build a storage unit inside the seat with a light for me to read by.

This quote by Heinrich Mann is on the back of one of the t-shirt that I bought from the bookstore in Boonsboro, MD at Turn the Page.  I got the idea for this blog from the quote off that shirt.   Nora Robert’s husband own and operates the bookstore with family.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you all have your own adventure with books.





I have been reading a lot of who done it this past week or so and I realize a lot of it is fiction but so fiction is based on truth.  So when I think this past week I have read Catherine Coulter’s three book series about the first Brit in the FBI and I’m finishing up Alexandra Sokoloff’s series about “the Moon”( Huntress Moon, Blood Moon and last but certainly not least is Cold Moon).  Anyway the Brit series isn’t bad but it’s bad enough with all the stuff they have to go through which keeps getting worse as the book progress until the good guys win out however my other three books have taken me in a world that is pure evil.  Sure all crimes can be evil or at least wicked but I think it would be interesting to walk in the minds of authors who write “The Moon Series” because she has a very warped sense of humor and knows a lot of these types of crimes.  Now before we go any further please don’t get me wrong all of Alexandra’s books are great in fact I have a few more set up to read so I’m telling you she is an awesome author but her books have scared me good.

Without giving to much away Huntress Moon starts out where the main female character is on the run but your not exactly sure about why she is running only that she is.  The main male lead is a FBI Special Agent Assistant in Charge of his division in San Francisco Office.  You know right away when these two get together on the same plain that sparkles will fly because of the personality that they have.  Then the other character though they are important to the overall story they are just mainly background for the first book.  Cara you find that she is running because she is the only survivor in 3 home invasions where all the family members have been massacred her family being the 3rd family.  Roarke is the ACSA FBI and this poor guy was doing great until he got his head messed up with Cara.  Then there is the big reveal which takes place somewhere in the middle of the book while the two of the are running all over California looking for each other basically the most important bad guy shows up and you’re wondering who are you and when did you get into the story.  LOL

Then you realize this guy has been there the whole time and that Cara survived the massacred twenty-five years ago and that anniversary is coming up on October 29 and she is really after the “Reaper” the person who killed her family and the other families.

Now the second book is “Blood Moon” and it just continue right along where the first leaves off.  “The Reaper” is back and he is starting to kill again but he has learned a few things from being in jail for almost 25 years and the MO is just a little bit different but yet it has the same feel to it and all the kills are the same except the father…..”reaper” makes look like murder/suicide which at first no one catches.  Knowing that Cara wants to kill the “reaper” they set a sting up to catch her and him at the same time this of course takes lots of time and when things are set up and they have a decoy to take Cara place to bring the “reaper” out of hiding.  Things go wrong “the Reaper” is killed by Cara because she is saving Roarke life and she is taken into custody for murder.

The last book “Cold Moon” starts out with Cara in jail and Roarke visiting her which of course is a no no.  Like I said he is really messed up because of this woman.  Her lawyer calls Roarke tells him to stay away from her or there will heck to pay.  So he tries but he can’t stop thinking about her.  Her lawyer says to the judge everything has to come up in 10-days and if the DA doesn’t give his evidence in that time frame Cara walks out on her with no bail until the trial when ever that may be.  So those 10-days come and she walks.  Things start happening again and the race is on to see if she will leave the state and not come back for her trial or if things will continue status quo.

Read the books I promise you an adventure you won’t soon forget.





The word for today is:  understanding!!!!!!!    We all have it, we give it on some occasions and best of all we know know how to use it with kindness and love.  Understanding according to the dictionary is:

  • the knowledge and ability to judge a particular situation or subject

  • : an informal agreement

  • : a willingness to understand people’s behavior and forgive them.

Now we know what understanding means it is easy to see why I chose it.  We deal with trying to understand loss, hurt, and children.  LOL   You all have a great day and please understand all that you do and everyone else.