22 NOVEMBER 1963

I remember where I was when it happened that John F. Kennedy was shot.  I was still at school getting ready to go to back to class after my lunch break and I was walking pass the teacher lounge when I heard a lot of yelling and screaming a few seconds later the teacher that was in the lounge came running out yelling the President  had  been shot in Dallas along with the Governor of Texas  There was craziness all around after that.  School was let out by 145 PM cause it took that long to calm things down again to find some kind of order.  I didn’t have Tennis practice that day.

It has been 53 years today and it is just as sad today as it was back then it is one of the best conspiracies theories out there even now.  Some say that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone while others say that it couldn’t be true because if it were than why would a man like Jack Ruby or also know as Jacob Rubenstein shot Lee Harvey Oswald.

I don’t know which has the best theories but there are some awesome ones out on who did what and why.  My favorite is the trick bullet even wrote a paper on it in school my Soph year but my high school history teacher told me I should leave thing to the government and stick with things that I know I never got my paper back.  When asked about it I got an odd answer his dog ate it.  LOL  But I let it alone.  Maybe I got too close to a good theory of own for some.

The theories don’t matter one one way or another the truth is JFK is gone and wishing or finding the real reason to the ask for the killing won’t bring back a good man and President but it might have shape the United States better in the long run if he had not have gotten killed.  Robert might not have been killed himself, Teddy might not of had the troubles he had but might have been don’t help the nation now.  God we pray for the nation and hope that you can unite us all into one nation under God this we pray.  AMEN!!





Hello Millisa,

This is sort of a letter of goodbye to you since I didn’t get to say goodbye the standard way.  First let me tell you will be missed by so many people and that we all love you and are trying to understand WHY it had to be this way.  God has got you through so many tough spots before and you have always taken the hard road before.  Maybe this is the hard road for you and you are doing what is best for all concerned.  If that is so then we are here to live on without you because that is the way it has to be.  It will be hard not to be able to pick up the phone and call you or go on Facebook and message you so that when you get home in the morning to IM me back.

You were the best friend a girl could ever have and I was so thankful to have known you.  Even though I was older I wasn’t always wiser you taught me how to laugh at myself and know that life sometime just isn’t always what it is cracked up to be but it can still be fun. When we played pool we played pool on the same league and we played pool against each other it was so much more fun to play on the same team then play opposite each other.  I think it was because we have to work harder when we played on different teams.

I remember the day you called me to tell me that Bobby died it was hard on both of us but we got through and here it one year later I am writing this note to tell you goodbye I’m not sure I can get through this without you my friend but I’m going to try.  You have your religion to get you through most of your sorrows but the one that was the hardest was your Mom and we talked about this I know you missed her every day.  Well now my friend you can get a hug and tell her that you never stopped loving her and find the peace you couldn’t find here.

Millisa I’m sitting here writing this trying to understanding all of it and it’s hard but you have been in my past, you have been in my present but you won’t be in my future except in my thoughts, prayers and memories but what memories they will be we had some great times.  I will miss you and I will love you forever.  You always seem to know when I needed you when we talked you told me so much why didn’t you tell me what was going on in your mind so we could have talked about?  We have always talked about so many other thinks out before why not then.  Where you afraid that I might have told you something that would have changed the out come of what happened?  Well Hon we can’t second guess it now can we.  I love you and I hope that you are at peace finally.  RIP my friend you are going to be missed by all who love you here on earth.

Love Kat  ❤




Hey boys, girls, young and old tomorrow starts off the second week of fall and for a lot of you that means cold nights and with chilly days but for us in the south that means we can start sitting outside in the breezeway of our apartments or out on the patio but all summer long we could become boil lobsters if we tried before now with triple digit days or even double digit days with humidity making it into those triple digit feelings.

But serious the leaves are changing into those beautiful reds, yellows, greens and browns falling off the tree which means lawn maintenance of raking those things in to piles and putting them in garage bags so the trash man can pick them up.

Baseball run to the world series and the run for another year of bragging rights to go to the National League or the American League but it’s also a very important cause near and dear to my heart it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month it is time to get those mammograms and check those boobs for lumps or any other abnormal thing that should not be there.  Men don’t you forget to check your boobs either cause don’t just think it is a woman’s disease plenty of men have died of breast cancer cause they didn’t want to check to make sure everything was a-okay.  I’m not trying to scare you I’m looking out for each and every one of you.  So don’t be embarrassed if you are not sure how to check ask your wife, girlfriend, sister, mom or even your doctor that is what they are there for to help you out.

Now whose team is going to the World Series and why do you think so it close this year for me so I’m keeping it all on the hush hush.  I want to wish you all a great Autumn and to wish all of the October birthdays special wishes for a wonderful day on that day that is theirs alone.  Happy Halloween to those who enjoy the holiday and I will be talking to you again really soon.  Have a great October!!!!   Have fun with those pile of leaves you have been raking.


Stay or go it’s all up to you I will not force my love on someone who doesn’t want it.  But I won’t be the problem in your narrow-minded world where there is only black and white .  In my world there are all kinds of colors including black and white, sometimes grey is the color of choice but while I care about what you feel and how you love I will not be the blame of what you don’t feel.

Life is a adventure of ups and downs while most of the time it is up there are times when it is down and out but when it is you must learn to go with the flow to survive it’s hits of pain, confusion and misunderstandings this is all part of being an adult.  We as adults are responsible for ourselves, our lives, and maybe partly at least each other but mainly ourselves.

If you can’t live in my world there is the door please walk through it the same way you walked in when you have decided that all is what it should be again then come back and if the time is right I just might forgive you for breaking my heart yet another time.  While other times you just broke it a little this time not only did you break it you step on it and shattered what was left of it…left it on the floor in a hip of nothing and blood.

Be sure if you come back that you don’t ever walk again cause there will be no forgiveness again so make your decision correctly will you be staying or going, will you be walking out the door for the final time to never reenter it again.



Autumn is the season which begins at the end of summer. It begins on 22 of September.  The kids go back to school before the last major holiday before Thanksgiving and Christmas break starts.  That holiday is Labor Day it is usually only given a four day weekend but it is still enough time to go away for a small time getaway type deal.  Autumn to me this is the most beautiful season because it is the beginning of the end.  It has all of those wonderful colors coming to life reds, greens, yellows, even the browns.  Spring is the beginning of life, summer is the living of the season and winter is the death of the season.

Autumn in the south is not quite as pretty unless you are lucky enough to live where God as graced it with lots of trees and temperature which change like the changing seasons of cold to hot and back again like it does say in New England up north.  Where about this time it is still hot but the changing of the leaves have started happening and the cooler nights are starting to cool down those hot temperatures that the north isn’t use to.  But it is these days that I like the best it is called Indian Summer and it usually comes around late September or early October and last about two weeks if the weather holds and no rain comes in.   Up there you can open you windows let the cool breeze blow through the house and listen to the street sounds below watch the wind blow and just enjoy life for at least a short time until something reminds you it’s time to get to work again.  LOL

But autumn in the south especially if you live near the water where there are trees, a dock and a chair autumn-dock-chair-and-lake to sit by the lake and pretend to be reading the book while you are to busy watching all the changes that are going on in front of you.  Autumn is one of the best seasons in all of them maybe because there is so much that goes on in the autumn.  For me from a photographer point of view the contract is so different but yet it stays the same.  The colors are more pretty maybe it’s because they are going away for every how long that winter will last and we won’t see them again until springtime when they start popping up again.  Sometimes I feel like during the long winter we are colored deprived because there isn’t enough color in our lives until spring hits again.  I know that you all have a opinion about what autumn means to you let me know maybe we can talk about a really remarkable autumn you remember from your past or not so distant past.  I love to hear from you.

Autumn is the beginning of the end and as such it has the most to proof so God made it extra special so it could show off what it’s all about and every year even though it does the same thing it does a remarkable job keeping us guessing about what will be happen next.  I am so thankful that the weather is going to start cooling off soon and the tourist will be leaving the beach so that I can go visit it before the snowbirds come and claim it like that do from mid-October to late March or April. (of course that depends on the weather up North) Since I have been here I love the water and I have seen some of the water but it’s the beaches of the gulf and oceans that keep me going and I miss living this close and not seeing it but the traffic is awful down there so I can wait just a little longer.


The pictures and poems are from google image.  So thank you google.com for always having what I need to make my writing better.  Thank all of you who continue to support me by reading and following my blogs even though I have been writing less here lately.  I am trying to fix that 2 blogs in less than 12 hours that is a record at least for me.  Thanks again I love you all.   ❤ ❤ Kat


 My Sister Sharon Kroth was going through some old emails and found this one…she didn’t write it but she could have but she didn’t know how to share it on Facebook now that they don’t have notes anymore so I’m going to share it for her and let everyone enjoy it and she can then share it on her page too. Thank you you all for reading it it really is quite cool.  Kat
Subject: Poem…..(Takes you back)

I remember the cheese of my childhood,

And the bread that we cut with a knife,

When the children helped with the housework,

And the men went to work not the wife.

The cheese never needed a fridge,

And the bread was so crusty and hot,

The children were seldom unhappy

And the wife was content with her lot.

I remember the milk from the bottle,

With the yummy cream on the top,

Our dinner came hot from the oven,

And not from the fridge; in the shop.

The kids were a lot more contented,

They didn’t need money for kicks,

Just a game with their mates in the road,

And sometimes the Saturday flicks.

I remember the shop on the corner,

Where a pen’orth of sweets was sold

Do you think I’m a bit too nostalgic?

Or is it….I’m just getting old?

I remember the ‘loo’ was the lav,

And the boggy man came in the night,

It wasn’t the least bit funny

Going “out back” with no light.

The interesting items we perused,

From the newspapers cut into squares,

And hung on a peg in the loo,

It took little to keep us amused.

The clothes were boiled in the copper,

With plenty of rich foamy suds

But the ironing seemed never ending

As Mum pressed everyone’s ‘duds’.

I remember the slap on my backside,

And the taste of soap if I swore

Anorexia and diets weren’t heard of

And we hadn’t much choice what we wore.

Do you think that bruised our ego?

Or our initiative was destroyed?

We ate what was put on the table

And I think life was better enjoyed.



This flag is the symbol of American Freedom it represents to our country a way of life that has been going on since our founding fathers got together and wrote the bill of rights, the constitution which gives us all rights which are still available to each and everyone of us.  Those rights include just to name a few freedom of speech, the right to bare arms, right to a peaceful assembly, freedom of religion and that is just to name a few.

Now this football player Kaepernick who plays for the San Francisco 49’s has raised a lot of issues today with him not wanted to stand during the National anthem but has the constitution states he can do that because he has the right to do it because under the freedom of speech act he is protesting what he feels his rights are.

I’m going to agree to this point because it is the right thing to do but I’m going to add one more bit to the deal yes he has this right but if the subject is really about the unfair treatment of other innocent young black men and women and how they are being profiled and killed in some of the major cities across the United States then I have a good subjection that might help the situation even more than not stating at the football games and causing a bigger problem in my eyes is to put your money where your heart is:  start a foundation which will help the victims of these crimes and get the police officers who involved off the street and behind bars so that these issues don’t get happening.  It is not a solution unless someone actual uses it but it is the only one I can come up with.  I am sorry for my outburst on social media but I still feel that part of what was said by me is correct but not all I don’t feel that my opinion in anyway was so strong that I thought I might be thought of as a queen but from a fellow military guy who has been my friend for a long time he thought they were those of a queen.  Don’t worry we are still friends we have know each other and our families to long not to think that.  I was voicing my opinion to another friend and he told me he didn’t think I should change my opinion because of him and when I told him what my friend stated he thought that was out of line.  So we shall see.

I’m a firm believer of the constitution and as such I’m willing to think after reading other opinions on this subject mine might have been a little overboard to the point of maybe being a little harsh but we all have things we believe strongly in and if Kaepernick is really feeling strongly on the subject of police vs young innocent black men and women then maybe this is another solution to the issues at hand.  One that he is a famous person I feel he is protesting in the wrong way on this one issues even though I think he does have the right to protest but he is influencing young minds and I feel in the wrong way.  Second if this solution works then why not give it a try and see if it will solve the police issue of murdering young men and women who are black.

Thank you once again for listening and helping me to see that my opinion isn’t necessary the best one given that we all are born with strong ideas and we all understand how we feel on all issues.  Roy your the best and thanks for the understanding the debate.  It was my pleasure to do the debate again but let’s pick another subject but just as dear to our hearts.