Why do I write? I write because I have something to say and I say it with words so that others might understand. I have a need to voice something that I don’t like and it is always best to get it out instead of holding it in. While everyone has an opinion each opinion is different and every one has two sides and both sides are neither right or wrong.
Writing helps me say something without getting upset and blowing my cool, getting into trouble while keeping the peace. But best of all I share a talent with friends and family which they appreciate or at least I feel that they do anyway.
I can write about a movie I liked or didn’t like, or a book, share an opinion on the latest polls which are out that don’t make sense and others can voice their opinions also that is what writing does for me it gives me an outlet to say things that I don’t always feel comfortable saying out loud but can say on paper and feel free to say what is needed within boundaries and do alright with it.

I can tell a story, say a critic, or give a opinion it all boils down to the same I write because it is an outlet for me to say something or tell a story about something and hope it is entertaining in the way it was meant to be to an audience who enjoys reading what I write about and cares enough about it to read what I have to write. This is why I write.



Did you know that the first Christmas was celebrated all the back in 336 in the month of December on the day of the 25 in the time of the first Christian Emperor of Rome a Roman Emperor by the name of Constantine.  A little while later Pope Julius I declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated all the time on December 25 every year.

The beginning of the Christmas Tree traditions started just like a lot of our other traditions in Germany.  It started back in the 16th century when both Christians brought trees that was decorated into their homes.  The evergreen fir tree has been used to celebrate winter festivals both Christian and pagans for thousands of years.  Pagans used it more during the winter because it makes them think that spring was coming.

Pope John Paul in 2004, made the Christmas tree a symbol of Christ because this was ancient custom which he exalts the value of life, as in the winter what is the evergreen becomes a sign of undying life, and remains Christians of the “tree of life”  Genesis 2:9 a image of Christ a supreme gift of God to humanity.

The first Christmas tree to came out of England credit was given to Prince Albert a consort of Queen Victoria in 1840 but it was actually Queen Charlotte the German wife of George III who actually put the tree in the Queen’s Lodge Windsor in December of 1800.  Legend states that a religious reformer by the name Martin Luther invented the Christmas tree.  But this is a story for another day and I promise to tell you about Charlotte very soon.


I am here today because two separate issues  which have been bugging me and I really not sure how to start even talking about them but here goes..a football player has a right to protest about issues which he feels is unfair or not right. I do understand the reason why he is standing for the issue at hand I agree but no celebrity should use their status to make the point he is hoping to win because he plays ball in front of millions of fans.  He is not being a good role model to the younger generation and I don’t think he will be making a good point either.  The military personnel that is currently fighting overseas and serving right here in America is trying to keep this country free and that is what the National Anthem is all about.  The LAND OF FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.  IT IS DISRESPECT NOT TO STAND DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM but not against the law.

The other issue I am upset about is I know for a while that we didn’t say “the pledge of allegiance” in school that quit during the time that my youngest was in eight grade I think, however it’s back in school again and I want to know why let’s say a fourth grader can dictate that they don’t have to say it….when I was in school we didn’t have a choice it was part of the everyday going on.  What do the kids now days have special pull they get out not say the pledge of allegiance or being rude to the teachers or even bullying which are two more subjects I will save for another day.

Now that the issues are on the table am I wrong to think both of these situations have gotten totally out of line.  I know has a person who loves her country I would never do this I would find another way to make my feelings known. I’m not saying he isn’t right in being able to protest because he is within those rights to do that but I feel that there are better ways to protest then thumb your nose at the American Flag, National Anthem and all the military personnel current servicing their country and all those who serviced in the past and for those who gave their life for the freedom that this person is throwing back in their faces.  If you don’t like how the police force is doing things then change it…by a better means then this.  I would be willing to help let’s change some laws make it murder when the police shoot innocent men and women in the street no matter what color their skin is they (police) should be arrested and go to trial just like any other citizen.  Just because you carry a badge doesn’t mean you’re above the law it just means that you’re going to hit the ground just as hard as the next guy who is guilty of shooting an unarmed man or woman.

The situation with the pledge of allegiance I don’t even know how to solve that problem because to me that is a school and parent issue with teaching the kid respect or heck for all I know it could be a religious issue about why the child doesn’t want to say it but the heck if I can figure out what religion would not allow any child not to say the pledge of allegiance in school.  But there again I was raised Catholic and we said it every day Monday through Friday faithfully.  Those nuns were on their toes when it came to that and prayer twice a day.

The proper etiquette for the Star Spangled Banner is that everyone should stand, there should be no food or drink in your hands, you should be facing the flag with your hand over your heart and the other one at your side.  As far as I KNOW  there is no law that says you have to stand and that you won’t be arrested if you decide not to follow the protocol.  The only religion I can think of which isn’t going to stand is Jehovah’s Witness and they don’t stand up when any country national anthem is played.

I don’t mind telling you that both of these situations are impossible to be on one side or the other but I have opinion like everyone else I really understand his reasoning but I feel that there is a better why to protest the way the police are handling the situations then kicking the military and the American Flag because neither of those icons did the wrong it was the police and yet I feel like you are punishing a whole nation because of some rotten apples…the military are who gave you the rights you have and that is why you feel you don’t have to stand up…think about that for a New York Minute….PLEASE!!!  Without them you could be in a country with a “King” or a “Queen” and have to bow to their rule instead of being “FREE”.



The word for today is:  understanding!!!!!!!    We all have it, we give it on some occasions and best of all we know know how to use it with kindness and love.  Understanding according to the dictionary is:

  • the knowledge and ability to judge a particular situation or subject

  • : an informal agreement

  • : a willingness to understand people’s behavior and forgive them.

Now we know what understanding means it is easy to see why I chose it.  We deal with trying to understand loss, hurt, and children.  LOL   You all have a great day and please understand all that you do and everyone else.



Some of us are lucky enough to be born into a family who love us for no matter who we are and what we do. Those families I have always been jealous of because I was not that lucky. Don’t get me wrong yes I had a good Mom and Dad but when my Dad died everything feel apart. Yes I know that my Mom loved me but things were very different. My Mom did nothing but cry and drink all the time. She went out and forgot about her children. Two of my sisters and one brother was adopted by a couple in Big Springs the only thing I know about them is that they grew up happy, well-adjusted children who had a wonderful life and one of my sisters became a doctor who married a lawyer, my brother and my other sister became lawyers who married doctors so they have a wonderful life. They made something of their misfortune and probably don’t think of us too often.
My sister in California got adopted by my Dad’s aunt and she to is very happy had a lot of children of her own and I hear from her every now and then she lets me know how things are going there but not as much as she used to. Out of all of kids who are still left the only ones who keep in contact is my brother Mark, Chris and I out of 14 children 3 of us keep in touch but 5 have passed leaving 6 so I would say that is not bad odds.
I think I started this blog because I’m sad and missing quite a few of my family but not really my blood ones, my best friend I lost him in January at the beginning of the year and we had known each other over 47 years. We met during the summer when JJ (John) first turned 13 and I would have been 13 in October at the pool neither one of us was there to swim we were cutting through to go to the swinging bridge that is between Lucy Park and the tourist camping spot by the old Sheraton Hotel on the opposite side of the freeway from Huey School. Anyway we made a vow that we would always be friend and family I guess we kept that vow because even when we were made at each other we always loved each other and when he needed something or I did we were there for each other. When he lost (we lost) Pops he called me on the phone I was stationed somewhere I don’t even remember to tell me and I knew something was wrong before he said to much to me…I asked him what is the matter how is James, Carla, Judy, your Mom, Pops and that is when I knew he just couldn’t say much after wards before he hung up I asked if he or his family needed anything and he said yeah but I just got it so thanks…When my hubby Carl passed away in May 2012 JJ was here for me and I was so glad to have him to lean on, I don’t know what I would have done without him now he is gone and I’m not sure what I’m going to do without his humor even if it is a little weird sometimes. I sure did love him. People often asked us why we never got together with each other and we looked at each and just started laughing at each other and I guess it was a good 10 minutes before we stopped laughing and our reply at the same time with the same words are you kidding we would hurt each other we know too much about one another and there would never be a fair fight because passed mistakes would be brought up in every argument.
I was on Facebook tonight and I have been having a bad week worth of bad nights and Susie was on there now before I go any further let me tell you about Susie. Susie is a wonderful lady and I have probably known her since I started reading her articles on Goodreads, her books, and varies other articles she has published throughout her lifetime. Anyway I suppose there are others to have a bad week with but she and I seem to have click for some reason from the very beginning. She is into animal rights, wants to stop bullying, loves and supports her hometown, hates assholes and would love to avoid them but there is so many neither of us knows where to start to avoid them…LOL that is my add on to the subject not hers. She supports her son Roy in all his interest also. Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that she is not only my wonderful friend but she is my family she isn’t family by blood but if I need someone in a pinch or in my corner at any time then she is the lady I would pick because I know that I would just have to ask and she would cover my back. She is the kind of friend you could call because you have gone completely off the bind and you call her up and she would ask first thing do we need to hide the body. LOL
Now Roy on the other hand he too is a friend but we can’t ask him to help hide the body but he could probably be persuaded. LOL He too is a wonderful and thoughtful friend. He writes wonderful movies reviews even sometimes when the movie wasn’t very good. He always has something positive to say which I find envious something because something there just isn’t something nice to say. He has always been positive and really great. I consider him a very good friend and also family. I would not trade Roy or Susie’s friendship and being my family for 10 million dollars I know you might think I’m crazy but family is what you make it and I know the old fashion saying about blood being thicker than water but they don’t have or know someone like Susie or Roy.
I also have some others I consider family and I wouldn’t trade them for any amount of money either. Before I name people here let me tell you guys just because your name isn’t here doesn’t mean I don’t love you or don’t consider you my family it is that I only have so much space and God willing I will have enough space to name all of you okay. Here goes: Debra, Wronda, Linda, Beckie, Billie, Billy, Vickie, Brenda, Brenda, Angie, Becky, Melissa, Stephanie, Troy, the girls, Jenny, Ash, Chelle, Sara, Sarah, Sharon, Jim, Mary, Harty, Berta, Mrs. J, Jean, Re, John, Shimmer, Anita, Dan Paul, Jack, Kenny, David, Garry, Barbara, Vickie, Debbie, Betty, Marina, Katie, Caleb, Tami, Tina, Allan, Chris, Jim, Richard, Mike, Gary, Garry, Alice, Boyd, Beverly, Donna, Mary, Sheila, Mark, Julian, Julian 2, Randy, Terri, Shannon, Nancy, Eve, all the kids from the children home who aren’t listed here cause there are just too many to write. LOL Lots more from school, work and all of you who should know who you are and you aren’t listed down here. I love you all. Remember this we aren’t blood but we are family because we have formed a friendship that went beyond the being caring into being family. Thank each and every one of you for being my shoulder to cry on and my port in the storm plus always being there whether for laughing or crying, sickness, sadness but best of all just being there like family is supposed to be.
God bless you all I LOVE YOU!!!!!