I think this is going to be a hard blog to write because I just realized that I have just passed the anniversary of my Dad’s death which was on the 6th of February and that his birthday is on the 12th of February he would be 99 years old.  WOW!!! Talking about burying the lead that did it for me.  I have been without him for a long time, but I have learned to live with it no matter how hard it got because I always had others to pick up the slack and never felt that I was missing his love because of the others who help make up for not having a father.  I knew that he loved me, and others did the Father-daughter things or my first dance thing or whatever was needed.  Don’t get me wrong I missed my Dad I still do miss my Dad as old as I am now, but I never wanted for a Dad because I always had some cousin, uncle, grandpa, or other male relatives to fill the slot if I need something done.  I am forever appreciative of all male relatives who filled in throughout the years without never complaining when I am so sure you could have found something better to do than go to a function with me.  Thanks so much.

I know that I tell you all the time about you who have your Mom or Dad still alive and in good health that you are so lucky and that I wish I could have just one more hug from my Dad or Mom at this stage in my life I would be so happy, and I would be.  But I have a friend and she knows who she is I am beginning to think that even though she still has her Mom she isn’t so lucky because she doesn’t know her, doesn’t remember her life and I have thought long and hard on that situation and I am positive if my Mom or Dad were still alive and living in that situation they wouldn’t be happy nor would they want to be alive.  I think I am just being selfish because I would like them in any kind of a way because anyway is better than no way.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss them think of them, but I know neither of them is in pain, so I suppose they might be in a better place than some of us, but still it doesn’t stop the missing or wishing for just one more I love you or one more hug to make it last until we meet again.

There are few people who complain about their parents did this or did that and how they don’t like it.  Well, get a job move out stop complaining be thankful that you have your parents around to piss you off and do things you don’t like to be thankful they care enough to piss you off.  So, I would like mine around just again to piss me off enough that we can have our fights and I can get grounded in263114-Happy-Birthday-Dad (1) my room I would love it.   So, stop complaining about them be thankful that you still have them because I can guarantee that someday they will not be there.  God will call them home and they won’t be here on earth.  I know this might be a wake up call it isn’t meant to be I have heard so much lately about someone’s parents didn’t let them drink any booze well gee how old are you anyway 16 years old, wait in 5 years you can drink but if you live at home you such obey your parents rules they have your best interest at heart most of the time.  They do love you.

Mom and Dad where ever you are I hope after all this time you are together and happy.  I Love You both and Miss you more than I can ever say.  Thank you for what you tried to do for me even if I did make a mess of it.  I am thankful for both of your love and I am thankful to have been raised in a house where I knew what love was.  It was harder Mom for you after Daddy died and I am sure us kids didn’t make it any easier, but I am still glad that we had you both at least for a short time.  God bless you.

Happy Birthday Dad 99 years young that is a milestone here on earth we would have celebrated!!! Now you can celebrate with Mom and all who came after!!!!!!  LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Why do I write? I write because I have something to say and I say it with words so that others might understand. I have a need to voice something that I don’t like and it is always best to get it out instead of holding it in. While everyone has an opinion each opinion is different and every one has two sides and both sides are neither right or wrong.
Writing helps me say something without getting upset and blowing my cool, getting into trouble while keeping the peace. But best of all I share a talent with friends and family which they appreciate or at least I feel that they do anyway.
I can write about a movie I liked or didn’t like, or a book, share an opinion on the latest polls which are out that don’t make sense and others can voice their opinions also that is what writing does for me it gives me an outlet to say things that I don’t always feel comfortable saying out loud but can say on paper and feel free to say what is needed within boundaries and do alright with it.

I can tell a story, say a critic, or give a opinion it all boils down to the same I write because it is an outlet for me to say something or tell a story about something and hope it is entertaining in the way it was meant to be to an audience who enjoys reading what I write about and cares enough about it to read what I have to write. This is why I write.


What is a hero?  According to the dictionary a hero is:

a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
“a war hero”

but does that person always have to be a soldier, sailor, marine or even a military person?  My answer is no but I am going to tell you why.  The person who leaves to go off to war is a hero but so is the family who has to wait at home for him/her to come home hoping beyond hope that it is all together with no harm done.

The fireman who leaves his house to go to work every day is a hero he/she never knows what he/she might tackle in any given shift.  The policeman who goes out the door never knows if it is the last time he/she will see the family or kiss his/her spouse goodbye.  The person who is sitting at the light waiting for it to turn green sees an accident and gets out of the car to give aid to the person or persons in the vehicle who has been injuried in the accident without his/her knowledge of standard first aid the people in that car might not have made it.

I know a few heroes who fit in this catergory they are indeed soldiers but then again I know a few policeman, firefighters, doctors, and even nurses who are in book at least heroes they give every day tirelessly devoted to their profession and never complain about how things aren’t always right or why me?  They do the job in front of them and safe lives all the time.

But you don’t have to be a professional to be a hero exordinary people living everyday lives can be a hero and are hero every day.  If while driving a car and you see a dog in the middle of the road and he seems to be scared beyond reason, you stop your car get out and risk your life so that the dog can get to the other side of the road you are a hero maybe a little crazy but we have all been there and I will stop my car every time to say an animal I have even been know to stop it for a turtle or two.  That is a hero but that is not exactly what I mean but you are catching on.

Heroes are like every day people the come from every walk of life and many shape, sizes and backgrounds but best of all they aren’t looking to be heroes they don’t do it for the glory of it they do it because what ever it is has to be done and they are there at the moment in time when something happens.  It is just something that happens.

Heroism is an act of bravery, courage, valor, boldness, audacity and fearlessness.  These are the qualities you associate with people who are heroes.  I once knew soldiers that had these qualities I won’t get into there names because I don’t have permission to tell you some of things I know that they have done but to me they served their country well but didn’t get a heroes welcome when they came back.  Like a lot of veterans who fought in Vietnam it was damn hard for them but they survived and they now live productive lives with their families.  All those tracts aren’t necessary to be a hero you just have to do something to help someone else and let them believe you are a hero to them.  That is how people become heroes.

Just remember anyone can be a hero in the right situation.  Given time and space we all could use a little helping hand.  God bless you each and every one of you.  May you cherish today, remember yesterday and look forward to tomorrow.



Well the New Year has started, and it seems for the most part we all survived the parties of New Year’s Eve made it home in one piece even though we have got up this morning and may not feel up to par but we made it into 2018.

Most of us will make resolutions which we will want to keep but somewhere around March or April we will have forgotten all about them or are just barely hanging on to doing them we might as well quit them anyway.  But I think this year I am going to try hard to keep my goals for a longer period as well as spend more time with my family.  But I also want to try and stay a little more focused with my writing I was still writing in my journal, but nothing was happening on paper it was always blank.

Today is day 1 of 2018 most of us will be having black eye peas, cornbread and watching something on the tv or a movie of some sort spending that much needed time with family and friends before going back to our busy lives of work, school, kids, and everyday stuff that we do.  I think it is kind of weird that we haven’t had much of a winter here in Texas in the small town I live in anyway I know a lot of you have been miserable and yesterday we had snow not much but some the temperatures were really cold and now today it is started out about 0250 about 19 degrees and here it is 0500 and it is now 16 degrees and feels like 8 degrees now I don’t about you but that is a little chilly especially for me since I have spent the last year and half in Florida taking care of my ex Mother in law and visiting my daughter Misty.  I have only been back in Texas since July, so I still have shorts, short sleeves shirts clothes that more suited for Florida weather year-round than Texas temperatures.   Or maybe a walk on the beach causes I do have a few hoodies, long pants and long sleeve shirts.

My wish for all of you who are reading this is good health, happiness, understanding from friends, family and oneself, peace, and best of all love.  I feel if we have all those things than is possible.  May God bless you all and keep you safe from harm and may there be peace in the world so that we might bring our troops home finally.  I love you all have a nice year!!!!



Happy New Years 2018

As we leave behind 2017 and enter into the new year of 2018 we look toward a new time of renewal and look back on old memories of the past year and we reflect on what we can change to make the new year better than the last one.  We spend time thinking about the ones we have lost to death or who just are no longer in our lives for some other reason.  I like to think we remember them with kindness and reflect on how they changed and shaped our lives.

2017 hasn’t been all that bad but it wasn’t one of my best years between all of the shootings, political hoop, which person was better or worse, who lied the least or the most, or some other kind of stuff it all boils down to what is best for the country as a whole.  I’m not sure at this point any one person is right I think it is going to take the nation as a whole to come together to make things work out for the best or I feel we are doomed to repeat what we have always done in the past 200 some odd years.

As I look back on 2017 I know several things right off the bat that as a whole I am hoping I can carry over to 2018 and that is all of you in cyberspace who have been here even when I haven’t.  It has been a heck of a year for my writing it seems that all my words have kind of dried up for a while and it isn’t that I haven’t had anything to say it is that I just haven’t been able to get them down on paper correctly or the moment I look at the paper to write all the words that are inside my mind that I see go quiet and for a writer that is the worst feeling to have everything go quiet.  So the big thing for me in 2018 I hope that the words come back so I can start doing this again cause I really love telling a story or just writing a blog and interacting with all of you.   Another thing I know is that I want to take all my friends and family from 2017 to 2018 I think we are all in for a new adventure to which should be fun and different but still within the ream of not way out there.

Now I want to send a special shout out to my friend “murphysmission” I want to thank you for always listen to me during those nights when I was first new to Facebook and neither of us could sleep or maybe it was just we like the earlier hours when it was quiet on the internet and we shared a passion for writing and friendship with long chats in morning hours but it was nice and I did enjoy it.  So thanks do me it was fun and I will never forget.  I still owe you a painted porch  LOL and you owe me a cup of coffee and conversation.  LOL Who knows when that might happen but it will be fun to see won’t it my friend.  Love ya girl and thanks again.





With all the stuff that is going on in just the states alone we should be angry but in combination with all the things that is happening around the world we should be more than angry we should be ballistic.  People complain because the national statues are hurting their pride but they aren’t slaves maybe their ancestors were but they aren’t it is a part of their history just like it is a part of mine.   I don’t believe a bunch of Civil War statues of old Generals is hurting anyone.

I was also happy to see that the football players decided to stand for the flag this past Sunday and the reasoning for it doesn’t matter just that I agree that they should have a right to protest if they aren’t happy with something but not use there status as big wigs to do it.  Most Americans don’t have that big wig status to make a point so why should the one who do use it to make the same point.

Between Las Vegas which just happened on Sunday and all the other shootings around the country it has become an a major problem and I am praying that it stops before too much longer.  This last shooting in Las Vegas was well thought out cause how many times can he go out of your room and get all those guns back in his room without being seen unless he have thought it out.  He had a lot of weapons in his room.

We has Americans need to stop all the crap and quit worry so much about the statues, slavery issues which aren’t happening in this century, and start banding together as one nation under God and have one goal which is to love one another and take care of one another instead of killing each other or fighting each other.  That is all I can say.  Because it does no good to lecture anyone and nothing is solve by doing it either.


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Hi Mom,

It’s Labor Day weekend Tuesday you have been gone from our lives 17 years but you are not forgotten.  You are still well-loved as well.  I don’t believe there is day that goes by that I still don’t wish that you are still here with us and still telling us what we have missed or what we all need to be doing to make things better somehow.  You will probably laugh when I tell you this but I honestly think that Mark is never going to retire from the paper because they still need him even now.  Or maybe it’s that he needs them more then they need him who knows the reason.

I wonder each time I write something to you what I can say or do that might be a little different than the time before.  I don’t find any trouble writing things to you but I find myself wondering what type of answers I might receive from you.  It is so interesting when I stop to think about you I sometimes come away with a kind of abstract kind of picture of my life with you and now without you I suppose much like I do when I picture myself with and without Carl.  I want you to know Mom that I am happy and that all is good.  Mark and I are fine.  I’m not sure about Chris I haven’t seen him in for number of years not because I don’t want to see him but because he doesn’t come around.   I wonder about him a lot but until he makes himself known I can only continue has I am and continue to wonder.

Mom I just want to have a small chat to let you know I was thinking about you but I am sure you know I always am.  I wish with all my heart that I had more time with you than I did but then you would have suffered more than you already had I couldn’t have stood that so I would rather miss you like I do than watch you suffer more than you did.

Give my love to all who have gone before me.  Find JJ Mom and give him a big hug for me and tell him that I miss him lots and that I am so sorry I missed telling him goodbye but he is still in my thoughts a lot and he was the best friend a girl could have.

Mom remember that you are loved and missed.  I will be seeing you someday and then I will put my arms around you and give you the best hug and tell you that somewhere along the way all those things you told me have come to past and you were right.  Yes, I am saying you were right but don’t hold that against me.  Take care of yourself and thank you for all you did in the end it was the right thing to do.

Love your daughter,