Up above are different types of porches in America today.  There are multi-level porches, wrap porches such as we have in old Victorian houses, we even have single level porches which have rocking chairs across the front of them.  But no matter how the porches look they are made for sitting and telling stories of the past, sharing secrets or just for taking taking naps and dreaming.

I remember as a child living on a dairy farm my grandparents had a wrap a round porch which the wrap part had been added on during their time of owning the house because we lived on that porch early mornings after chores we were on the back porch and evening we were on the front cause it was always cooler at those time.  Anyway the adults sat on the rockers while us kids always had our place to sit and we weren’t allow to sit on a rocker unless we were invited to sit with an adult.  We had swings on either end one of the front and one on the backside.  It was great.

Miss Susie has a porch at her home we are always talking about me coming to paint the floor part of it so we can sit and have conversation and coffee afterward I think it would be fun the problem I’m seeing is it would be fun getting there and finding her there with her schedule…LOL   But it would so much fun sitting on the porch with her and listening to her tell her stories of living in the house and maybe sharing a secret or two with a good friend after all that is what porch sitting is all about.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog about porch sitting has much as I have writing it.  Hope you have a wonderful week.  Don’t forget to get out and vote today that is very important.  God bless you each and everyone.

The pictures above some are mine the very last 2 on bottom roll are of my friend Connie’s porch she took the pictures herself..she send me a few and I am working on using the rest with a story I’m thinking about.  The rest of the pictures are from google.



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